Consulting with the team at Nader’s Gallery can enhance the value of your home, increase workplace productivity and can save you time, money and headaches. A well designed space improves the quality of life for all individuals. Edward Nader’s design style is clean, uncluttered and sophisticated. The interiors he designs combine traditional and contemporary elements to create a timeless environment. With over thirty-two years in the design business, he has the experience, creativity and resources to transform any commercial or residential space into a beautiful and functional environment. It is our goal to incorporate your vision with our expertise to create a cohesive and unique space. It is true, form follows function. It is also true that your time is limited. Edward and his design staff can create a comprehensive plan for your space that includes such design elements as color, space composition, lighting, furniture selection, artwork placement and accessorizing. On a smaller scale, we can work with you in the gallery on just one or two elements at a time. We solve design challenges everyday using only the photos from a cellular device. We take pride in completing every consultation with speed and efficiency.